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mizz wierd
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New Zealand
HEYO! (my personal combination of "Hey!" and "Hello!") :D Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully my Gallery wont disappoint and will be worth your time! Assuming thats why ur on this page in the first place ^^ <3
Any who name is Dreamfollower (not really) Aka Pixie and I'm an aspiring artist! In particular an aspiring game artist! Currently I'm studying at a tertiary institute called Media Design School which is part of Laureate International Universities! SO! Hopefully this means some BIG improvement in my artistic skill! Considering how much i improved last year after taking a course at the same school, I'm fairly certain I will.....i hope....i will right!? D:
lol Anyways so wen it comes to art im kinda of a jack of all trades and have some skills in various areas from 3D to video editing, but my fav area is digital art! Big time fan lol
Currently I have a personal project I'm working on called "The Watchers" project which I've made a group for so feel free to go check it out! ^^ really do it ------> thewatchers-project.deviantart…

Im still developing it but u know what they say! All good things come to those who wait! With that in mind, considering I've been playing around with this idea probably for a few years and still going wen im now trying to develop this properly....well I'm hoping/expecting VERY good things to come from this XD I have three ideas in mind for this project that are realistically doable by myself, albeit with ALOT of work
1: A isometric type pixel platform game (chrono trigger is my inspiration)
2: Novel

Personally i would like to take it even further one day and perhaps make it into an animated series but u no, baby steps lol Rome wasnt built in a day and neither are dreams. But every step counts! ^^

Anyways feel free drop me a comment somewhere just to say or watevs. Im a friendly person! I dont bite ;P X)
Or better yet WATCH

Favourite genre of music: erm....i like ALOT of kinds of music. Anything with a good beat! ^^
Favourite photographer: ?
Favourite style of art: erm?
Operating System: Windows 7 (finally got a decent PC! X'D) and mac at uni
Favourite cartoon character: i cant decide but i no ive got one X'D
eh!? Whats with all this tagging !? Ah well might as well get to it

Tagged by  :iconheserpenty: and :iconi-see-ghosts: AND :iconbaby-darkchain:


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5.  Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7. No tag-backs.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry!
10. I think it's (dr)questiionable that there aren't 10 questions. So here's 10.


1. I love drawing! :D (Duh)
2. Ive been hugged once  by a class mate because I reminded that person of a "cute little pixie"
3. I love gaaammes! :D RPG's ftw! (currently installing one called Aion. Looks promising)
4. I would love give voice acting a go
5. Acting is sooo much fun! I love it. Just add that to my list of dreams lol
6. I'm short o_o
7. Im a Christian! ^^ :heart:
8. I recently got a pet kitty who I adore! :D She my lil baby ^^
9. I got two brothers. ones older, ones younger
10. I love singing. I get told to shut up alot by my friends XD

Now, onto questions asked by :iconi-see-ghosts:

1. Why do you like to draw?
can I skip a really a deep complicted answer and just say its fun? : 3

2. What's your favorite color?
Purple :D

3. What is your boldest dream?
I got a few actually : 3 For now I'll stick to the one becoming an awesome artist and working on AAA games! ^^ GOOD AAA games I might ad. None of that crap thats just made cose they know its gonna sell.

4. If you could change anything you wish in your life,what it would be?
err...I dont think there's really anything i would change. Apart from not having alot of money XD Money doesn't buy happiness but it does help get rid of bills and most stresses.

5. Do you like camping,and if yes where,if no,why?
I wouldn't know! Never been > >

6. What is your worst nightmare?
...going blind? Losing my family? thatd be preeettyy horrid

7. How many years have you been around DA?
Four according to my stats lol

8. Why do you decided to join DA?
You know what I don't actually remember lol Just to get myself out there as an artist I think?

9. What's your favorite mythical creature?

10. J.R.R.Tolkien or G.R.R.Martin?
...Who's G.R.R Martin? 0.o ^^' Guess that answers that question

Now, onto questions asked by :iconheserpenty:

  1. What is your favorite show/movie of all time?
    Eh!? Theres to many! QAQ haha Uhh. Avatar for sure. Breaking Bad. Rise of the Guardians juust to list a few
  2. Who is you favorite CHARACTER from any show/movie/story of all time?
    Again, TO MANY XD Lets just say Zuko for now
  3. Do you have a favorite OC you ever created? If so post a link in your answer I wanna see! :D (Big Grin)
    Tehe well I believe you already know her…
  4. Who's your favorite superhero?
    Either Wolverine or Iron Man probably
  5. If you were trapped on a desert island would you rather be trapped with a fictional character you love or someone practical from your real life? XD
    Hmmm. How about a fictional character I love AND is practical! :D
  6. Based on the question above.... which fictional character or real life person would you want to be trapped with and why?
    On a desert Island? Hmm. Nightcrawler? Or Fletcher from Skulduggery Pleasant. Both can teleport so hey! Why not get to just teleport us of the Island?
  7. What's your favorite food?
  8. What's your favorite drink?
    I would say coke but tbh GRAPTIESER is soooo damn good! ^^
  9. What color are your eyes?
    They brown :3
  10. Who is the character from any show/movie/story that you loathe the most? And why...
    Oh gosh um. The prissy annoying lady in pink in Harry Potter who takes over Dumbledore as headmaster for a while. I havent seen the movie in ages so I don't remember her name. Umbridge!...i think that was it. Also in breaking bad, Todds Uncle. I just watched the episode where he (SPOILER)

Now, onto questions asked by :iconbaby-darkchain:

1. Do you prefer Cute stuff or Cool Stuff?
erm. ah! um!...coool stuff? :3 I don't mind cute things as well at times
2. A random dude suddenly cry in front of you coz your face remembering him about his ex... eeeeeyy-- what're you gonna do?
So he just starts spilling his heart that you remind him of your ex? Er..just...console him I guess? Clearly the dude hasn't quite let her so maybe he just needs someone to talk to to and let it out? Gonan have pepper spray on the ready tho lol
3. Imagine You're currently in the kindergarten then your teacher told you to draw a house and a tree, which one You will draw taller? 
Huh...uh...i think i might draw roughly the same height? I used to like two level houses alot but if it was a flat house then i wouldve drawn the tree higher..i think
4. With who you feel much closer? Mother or Father? 
Mother. Father ditched when i was to young to remember so i don't give a crap about him XD
5. Badass Guy, What do you think about it?
Badass guys are awesome! but...can be a lil cliche sometimes
6. Which one that describe you the most: Yandere, Tsundere, Kuudere, or Genki (Happy Go Lucky) type?
Err.. Genki i guess! :D
7. Have siblings?
Yep. Two brothers. One older one younger. I'm the middle child T^T
8. What's your favourite thing to draw right now?
9. Any musical instrument you could play? (0v0)/
Err. I wissh. Ive tried picking up and instrument or two but to no avail > >
10. DONE! Are you happy?

Yep! :D That was fun!

My Questions:

  1. Whats your biggest dream as an artist? :D
  2. Your dream career?
  3. Do you like anime? 0.o If so do you have a favorite one? :D
  4. If you could commit any ONE crime and you wouldn't be charged with it, what would it be?
  5. If you were a super villain, what superhero would you wanna be caught by?
  6. What would your super villain power be? :D
  7. Whats one thing you are obsessed with?
  8. Most hated pie flavor?
  9. Dogs or Cats? Which are better? :D
  10. Most memorable childhood show?

TAG! Your it! :P
:iconchatterbox010: :iconfreddielabella: :iconbowtechinventions: :iconbakahazunano: :iconchibi-tohru: :iconsyndromechan: :iconcrystalqueenofice: :iconaliciamuhm: :icongurklesoundeffects: :iconpuffu316:

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